Do you need a mentor, coach or healing?

Elizabeth Ahern is a mentor, coach and healer who uses a spectrum of complimentary and traditional methods to address physical ailments, meet emotional needs and heal psychological programs that cause suffering.

“Feeling Tops is a collection of tools that customise the journey of growth.”

Elizabeth co-creates a path to fast track the transformation to an abundance of options, inspiring her clients to intrinsically create change. Her passion is to motivate and activate individuals in their unique life purpose, bringing them an abundance of energy.

Elizabeth uses her intuition, muscle testing and deep understanding to discover a more expansive version of life. Consultations are formulated around what is happening for her clients at that time and she works towards increasing it to a grander scale.

Her skills lie within her ability to teach you the tools needed for growth so that you become who you are and operate productively, efficiently and consciously.

Elizabeth is the driver of your car through the storm you are experiencing and she is aware you just need to keep going to discover the stronger, wiser version of you that is waiting. Elizabeth is love, she is the verb or doing word for showing love, acting as love and being in love.

Elizabeth is driven and humbled by the impact of her work on individuals and all the people that surround them. She is a trusted soul and is rewarded by that trust and your personal growth.

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About Elizabeth