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When sleep is not the real issue

Becoming aware of physical pain and symptoms like headaches, tension in the head, sore throat, back stiffness or numbness is usually the precursor to a human seeking treatment to heal.

Yet it is usually the lack of awareness of their emotional state that has manifested the physical symptoms. Their awareness is raised again when essential needs like sleeping or eating are affected.

Most healers already know that not getting enough sleep or not eating properly isn’t the real issue, yet they are able to help you address these and return your body back to it’s centre so that the real issues can be addressed.

You see every emotion is a thought. It is the perception of that thought and whether we perceive it to be good or bad, acceptance or rejection, understanding or confusion.

In a society that is driven by social pressures of right or wrong, obligation and self service, humans have for a long time suppressed the natural instincts of survival, developed coping mechanisms that dismiss the natural range of emotions that are actually designed to teach us how to regulate during the moment in which we experience them. They are the natural path for building resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

Politeness, political correctness, manners and excuses have shaped human behavior to the point where we have lost the ability to intuitively know or learn how to cope with stress.

Stress is not good or bad, but it is essential. It provides motivation for inevitable changes that occur during the life cycle. It stimulates thought processes to respond to situations and circumstances that enable us to evolve into enlightened beings, not doings.

*Kenn presented with headaches and tension the was affecting his sleep. His initial perceived problems were the symptoms of the actual problems he was having in his relationships with others and more importantly himself. As a lawyer, Kenn was a natural ‘helper’. He was exposed to thousands of incidents that were negative and tarnished his beliefs of trust, honesty and fairness for both victims of crime and natural disasters and offenders both human and corporate. The overwhelm of this exposure caused Kenn to ‘switch off’ his emotional responses in order for him to cope. It became his ‘job’ and in order for him to cope with the trauma these situations came with. The harshness he had seen developed symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and without knowingly Kenn deselected from this industry, his marriage broke down and his fear of Natural Disasters caused his to operate from a place of fear and anxiety, loosing valuable sleep and his ability to cope with day to day life.

Elizabeth Ahearn from ‘Feeling Tops, is all too familiar with this scenario having been a ‘helper’ herself for many years, as a nurse. Elizabeth empathically works with individuals, parents and groups using kinesiology and energy healing to counsel and individuals perceived problems. She brings awareness to the actual problems (are )that can stem from the blue print of their past experiences.

‘Fear is an extreme emotion that stems from the homeostasis of safety and security, a basic human need. Just as children have the need to feel safe and reassured, adults crave the feeling of being in a place where they are not reacting to the emotional instability life events cause, as the waves of inevitable change roll in.’ Says Elizabeth…

Elizabeth explains how MUSCLE TESTING is a great tool to pinpoint specific time frames in clients’ life where there was pain, upheaval or distress that lead them to develop particular reactions and thoughts about how to cope. Our body has an intelligence that goes beyond what the mind can imagine. Muscle testing is a tool for extracting the wisdom from the body.’

Life stressors like divorce, child abandonment or neglect and rejection impact on the confidence, self image and the perspective people use to view a situation. It causes them to have a reaction and form a ‘relationship’ with money, friends, work, children, family and health that is good or bad – depending on that experience.

Just like Kenn, the exposure to certain incidents caused him to fear natural disasters after seeing his once able clients no long able to cope. Kenn responded well to COUNSELING AND TALK therapy during his treatment. Elizabeth says “By reframing and outlining a much more expanded version of disasters Kenn was able to see that from pain and suffering there is also a large scale healing of human kind. Natural disasters often elicit a heart healing on a global level as they are confronted with feeling the impact.”

This differential perspective approach is supported by years of research and continues to reconnect the human soul to the bigger purpose of the human life it is given.

Kenn no longer lives the automatic and regimented life he existed in. Kenn has so much admiration for the personal work of Elizabeth saying ‘she has the ability to GET TO THE HEART of the issues very quickly – I was taken right where I needed to be within minutes. In my first healing session, we worked on my SLEEP. After doing the exercise Elizabeth gave me, I felt a massive burden lifting off me and since then I’ve been having great sleeps and don’t just fall asleep on the couch anymore.’

Sleep disturbance is a common problem that people tend to ignore, thinking it will resolve itself. Elizabeth has seen first hand the impact of SLEEP DEPRIVATION ON PARENTS, CHILDREN and people who are experiencing stressful situations. ‘Sleep is the subconscious processing the events of the day, if they have been traumatic or distressing, your sleep will be disturbed as your mind wrestles with the information.’

‘Clearing the ‘blocks’ through realisation and overcoming the challenges requires commitment. It is only achieved if clients are able to articulate the specific issues rather than generally fishing around.’ Says Elizabeth. ‘Even defining this issue can cause people to become perplexed.’ The skill of a healer lies within the tool box of strategies used to elicit the information needed to make a WHOLISTIC ASSESSMENT. For results to come people need to invest in the healing process whole heartedly.

Ken says ‘Whilst I have found other healing processes normally heavy, Elizabeth manages to heal in a light hearted and fun way which leaves you light and looking for your healing journey.’

Healers are natural helpers, with valuable experience and insights. TRUE HEALERS WALK THEIR TALK. They are skilled in asking quality questions that identify the ACTUAL PROBLEM being experienced. Yet their greatest ability lies within the compassionate way they lead you to discover the answer for yourself. Healers like Elizabeth, empower you to trust that first thought, take that action step and make those decisions that best serve what you need. Whether it is time out, reframing your perspective, centering yourself in a crisis or learning to manage stress reactions that will help you make better decisions; healing yourself is not always achieved on your own. You are worth the investment of finding out who you were always meant to be and live in alignment of the values that you hold. Be Wise, Be Strong, become wiser, become stronger.

Be Wise, Be Strong, become wiser, become stronger.