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Parenting with purpose

Parenting with Purpose. Still working on it. Positive parenting with Purpose.

‘My children are the working, loving, purposeful canvas” I have endlessly gathered and sowed.’
– Elizabeth Ahearn

The purpose of parenting is to develop strong independent, spirited individuals who are free to live out their own purpose. When parents say no, they say no from a place of love and love is spelt with TIME. The time and energy parent put into developing a child’s awareness of themselves and their purpose will bring the rewards they are seeking for themself.

‘I had never really nurtured or encouraged myself for the enduring nature of my mothering skills.’
– Elizabeth Ahearn

Acknowledging the parenting role is about noticing and adapting to the evolution of the child. It is your greatest gift. As Dr Marshall Goldsmith said “If we do not create and control our environment, our environment creates and controls us.” The mindless and reactivity of parents is just a lack of awareness. Building the framework that supports the relationship of parenting is positive, productive and purposeful.

‘I work with individuals to raise their own awareness, guide them in understanding their purpose and help them overcome what stops them from living the life they want.’
– Elizabeth Ahearn

Individuals who reach a high level of mindfulness understand that their purpose is to help others develop that knowing in others that there is power in every decision and the opportunity to create to change in their own behaviour and identity. Growing self worth in parents is an important part of healing from your own childhood. Having an understanding of what is needed for a child at each age gives parents the tools and strategies to comfort them in the moments.

‘I am a conduit for reconnecting the relationship between the self, parents and society.’
– Elizabeth Ahearn