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Surviving the roller coaster of emotions

Surviving the roller coaster of emotions in any situation requires most individuals to reach back into the past to find the strategy that worked in a similar situation.

‘Elizabeth Ahearn is a fountain of light and love. She has brought me clarity and wisdom when life has been been uncertain and she continually supports and inspires me to the best version of myself I can be’. – Kayreen Burgum

Life events like divorce, death and job loss needs a lot of emotional energy to restore yourself back to your base line. Where your self image and confidence recover. As emotions run high, focus becomes narrow and releasing that energy in a healthy way, is essential for a greater perspective to be gain.

‘Growth is inevitable. But it is scary and a real fear exists that the unknown is not what you wanted. Having someone there for you that is capable of bringing you back to neutral can make the journey less painful, easier to understand and more accepting of change.’ Says Elizabeth Ahearn, an experienced energy healer.

Confusion and uncertainty is like a rudderless boat drifting down the river. Finding the deep centre that flows effortlessly means the bow of your boat will hit the sand banks on either side, like a gentle nudge during your extreme emotional state until the point where you waters become calm.

Transformation is an activation of ones dreams and hopes for their future. Sometimes the ground is shaky, there are panels missing from the bridge. The psychological affects of stress on the body reduce; the blood flow to the brain, the ability to concentrate and co-ordination.

‘Formulating a recovery process when emotions rise up needs to be created so we can move on with a more expanded version of your life. It’s provides the support people need.’ Says Elizabeth from Feeling Tops.

Kayreen, one of Elizabeth’s clients shared how her experience was not like being told what to do. “I was inspired to change. Elizabeth was able to clarify my perceived problem with her wisdom and used a real variety of tools to support me.’

The Feeling Tops philosophy is about building a level of trust and conscious connection that expands the opportunities to the life you want to create and the greater good. Change is inevitable and it is the opportunity for personal growth and self development. Many people find change difficult and fight it, hoping to regain what they thought they had. Attachment to an outcome is the obstacle we place in our own path and over time people come to realise the change was always coming. We create our own suffering by not letting go and placing the deep trust in the universe to provide and support us with everything we need. Clients like Kayreen view change as exciting, is grateful for her experiences and is keen to content to discover the lessons she need to learn about life and herself.