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Discovering your purpose

Life is the adventure on the path we choose to follow or create.

At every fork, dead end or cross road there are decisions to make and the natural response is to fear the unknown; as fear is designed to protect humans from harm. What’s around the corner could be dangerous, but who’s to say you don’t have the skills and abilities to deal with that situation. Fear helps us to rationalise and justify choices that help us feel safe. Trusting only what we know is a default position that is safe. It is only what we know that becomes what we think.

Yet thinking and feeling are two very different actions that end up conflicting with each other when our judgment of the situation arises. The conflict is within even though if appears to be happening around you.

The level of dissatisfaction and confusion felt by humans is caused by the lack of alignment between thoughts, feelings and actions. The final filter on this complex understanding is the social pressure and the rules applied and assumed. To live fully within the alignment of what you value most, the activities and choices that make you happy and the level of self belief needed to continue that path is dependent on the other humans that you surround yourself with. Are they the type of people that are holding you to your word, your values, your beliefs? And what is your response when they do?

Finding yourself someone to keep you accountable is difficult because most people want to make others happy and please them by saying yes. Agreeing with others for the sake of ‘friendship’ or you want them to like you is not serving you as a friend. Deep friendships are formed when they remind you of who you are and validate what you have been through, accepting the impact that has on you as a human.

You may be thinking by now that you don’t really have anyone like that. That’s ok, getting the support you need and not settling for what you can get is possible and often required. You just need to ask yourself, ‘how long will this take to work it out for myself?’ It’s a curious question that leads you to think about ‘if you could, I would have!’ Elizabeth from Feeling Tops, an energetic healer,(delete kinesiologist) and mentor, says ‘My clients are looking for the answers they already have. I am a conduit to help them discover themselves. I can feel their blocks, I understand the imprints of behaviour and I have been gifted the ability to release them from old beliefs.’

Self Development is a transitional phase that is ever present, ever growing and everlasting. Change is enviable as the curve balls of life will continue to be thrown regardless of time and circumstance. The ability for individuals to adapt to change relies on their willingness to let go of their ideals but not their dreams.

‘Your changing beliefs and the accountability of the new thought patterns can be rapid if you are given the right levels of support.’ Says Elizabeth Ahearn. ‘Short term resistance can be rewarded with long term benefits in becoming the person you were always meant to be.’

Remaining inspired, lifelong learning and intrinsic motivation need guidance and direction. The hard reality of what you have today is a result of what you have designed for yourself. It can be soul destroying if you are unhappy. No one chooses to be unhappy, yet it is the default of your emotion if you continue to ignore the discontent in the areas of your life that bring that in.

Without freedom to choose or create the life you want, you feel trapped. Thinking you are doing what you are meant to do and struggling, is discontent. Feeling numb, direction less or unloved, is the longing for something more. Your human soul is worth the investment and so are the people who surround you. In the bigger picture, the people who come into your life do for a reason, the season or a lifetime and your experience with them is shaping you both. Is that the sort of adventure you want to have?